TwitCasting attracts Facebook-tired teens in Japan

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Published: November 21, 2013

50 % of all the college students in Japan use TwitCasting

As teens around the world are fading away from Facebook, Japan is no exception. While short messaging app LINE dominates the tech headlines, TwitCasting is the “it” app among the teens in Japan. TwitCasting Live is an extremely simple app that allows you to broadcast live movie via Twitter or Facebook account with almost no latency. More than half of its 4 million registered users are teenagers. About 1,330,000 college students are registered users and that is about 50% of all the college students in Japan.

There are two reasons why TwitCasting exploded in Japan. High penetration rate of smartphones and real time communication. 84% of High School students own a smartphone in Japan. TwitCasting’s livestream is specially tailored for smartphones and you can broadcast from anywhere on 3G/LTE network. Japanese teenagers are using the service addictively. Lots of users gain tens of thouthands viewers every broadcast and a lot of them are teenagers and students.

Outside of Japan, it is most used in Brazil counting 13% of its total users. Big Brazilian singer Ivete Sangalo (9 million twitter followers) is a regular user and Brazilian version of Occupy movement is another popular content gaining millions of viewers. The app can be used in English and Portuguese and the company is looking to branch out in Sillicon Valley to explore users globally.


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TwitCasting” is service to let you stream live video.TwitCasting was launched on Feb 2010, and it has more than 4 million as of November 2013. Our service is polular in Japan basically, but has a large number of users in Brazil, Mexico and other countries.

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