TOKYO JAPAN, April 1, 2019 – Moi Corporation, which provides TwitCasting, an over-24-million-registered-users live streaming communication platform in Japan, announced today that Nintendo Co., Ltd. and Moi entered into a comprehensive license agreement under Nintendo Game Content Guidelines for Online Video & Image Sharing Platforms.

TwitCasting users are now allowed to include “Nintendo Game Content”, which refers to gameplay footage and/or screenshots captured from games for which Nintendo owns the copyright, in their live streams on TwitCasting without obtaining permission from Nintendo respectively by agreeing to the following guidelines:

Nintendo Game Content Guidelines for Online Video & Image Sharing Platforms
TwitCasting Guidelines for Nintendo Game Content

Thanks to this comprehensive agreement, TwitCasting users can now have an option to monetize their live streams & videos including “Nintendo Game Content” through TwitCasting Monetization Program, Item Revenue and/or Video Ad Revenue.

Game users in TwitCating can also enjoy “TwitCasting Full HD Streaming Mode for Gamers” which allows game streamers to broadcast at Full HD (1080p) / 60fps / 6Mbps with ultra low latency. Please refer to the followings for the details.

TwitCasting Full HD Streaming Mode for Gamers

Moi is continuously committed to contribute to develop the game streaming community by providing the game streaming communication platform where users can not only express their creativity with game contents in their live streams & videos, but also enjoy online communication in real time while respecting and protecting the intellectual property rights in games.

Moi Corporation, headquarters in Tokyo, Japan is the fast growing startup company responsible for TwitCasting, the largest live streaming community in Japan. Its service has grown to more than 24 million registered users and still been growing mainly through word-of-mouth communication. Learn more at Corporate page.

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