Moi Corporation (Headquarter: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yosuke Akamatsu) is pleased to announce that “Kikka Haru” and “Minato Nami” will join the VTuber project “TwitCasting 100V (volt)” as new members on the live streaming platform “TwitCasting” operated by the company, as they won the voice actor/actor only audition for “TwitCasting 100V” new members. Their debut stream will be held on May 12, 2023 at 20:00(JST) on the official TwitCasting 100V stream. Furthermore, they are scheduled to be in charge of the voice of the official TwitCasting characters “Moise (Twikun, Cas-kun)” in the future.

Member Profiles:

Kikka Haru:

“I’ll shine under the electronic sky with singing and streaming! I want to be the sunshine of TwitCasting community!”

Image Color: Orange
Birthday: September 9th
Illustrator: Semishigure (

Message from the member:
A rookie artist who loves to sing. Although usually speaking in a lively manner, sometimes talks lazily in the evening or early morning, and enjoys chatting and playing games with listeners. I can be hyper during the stream, emotions can go on a roller coaster and my behavior can be a bit unpredictable… I like impromptu play, drawing, and acting. Special skill is a loud voice. “I’ll shine under the electronic sky, day or night! Be relieved and get sunshine from me!!” I want to be the sun of TwitCasting community! Please keep looking at me!

Minato Nami:

“Come here to my stream when you want to talk! A healing-voiced streamer who can’t stop chatting!”

Image Color: Light blue
Birthday: November 3rd
Illustrator: Meth2480 (

Message from the member:
A streamer who loves drawing, acting, and talking with listeners. Although often seen as mature, you may see my different side in the stream… I have never played games before, so I am gradually understanding how fun playing video games is. My dream is to be a “Funny Girl” to listeners.

New Members Debut Stream

Date and Time: May 12 at 20:00(JST)
Streaming URL: YouTube (,
Cast: Kikka Haru and Minato Nami
Streaming Content: Self-introduction of new members

What is TwitCasting 100V?

TwitCasting 100V is an official project by TwitCasting, which allows voice-related streamers to belong to as individuals, not created characters, and supports their activities according to personality and character.
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