We make the way we live better through connecting people across the globe.


We provide comfortable communications and places for people all over the world.

Core value

Core value
  • User first as always

  • Focussing on improving the technology to support a “community”

  • Maximizing the possibility of real-time communication technology

  • Unleashing our members’ creativity through engineering-powered work environment

Management Team

Moi Corporation’s founder and CEO.

Yosuke Akamatsu

After experiencing the release and growth of a number of web applications in Sidefeed, Inc.,
Akamatsu built Moi Corporation to achieve our mission, providing comfortable communications and places for people all over the world, through the expansion of TwitCasting.


Hiroyuki Shibaoka

Former Cybozu engineer. In charge of development pertaining to TwitCasting’s service expansion.
Started as a system development consultant, Shibaoka is currently in charge of TwitCasting’s core area, user support & community management.


Takamitsu Iriyama

After working on new business development at Yahoo Corporation, Iriyama joined Moi Corporation in February 2020.
Currently, Iriyama oversees all corporate business affairs, and is in charge of administration, accounting, finances, human resources, and general affairs, among other duties.


Yuzuru Honda

Global CEO of FreakOut Holdings, inc. After gaining experience in various fields including writing music, robotics development and biochemistry research in the US, Honda decided to enter the IT industry as an entrepreneur. As a serial entrepreneur with two successful startups in his career, Honda has experience with both M&A and IPO in the ad technology market.


Company Moi Corporation
Founded Feb 29, 2012 (company split by sidefeed, Inc.)
Capital 50 Million JPY
Number of Employees 41
Address Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo JAPAN 113-0033

(As of May 2024)


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