Brand Guidelines

We permit the free use of our TwitCasting logo-type materials (hereafter: logo materials) and the use of the term “TwitCasting” as representatives of TwitCasting for purposes which comply with our guidelines.

The TwitCasting logo and the use of the term “TwitCasting”

moi Corporation endeavors to abide by all laws and customary practices across a variety of fields, pertaining to the guidelines for the fair and appropriate storage of personal information. moi Corporation is committed to the continuous improvement of the handling of personal information.

Logo materials Logo materials refers to the logo-type materials distributed in the below URL, and distributed as media resources.
The use of the term “TwitCasting” The term “TwitCasting” encompasses the Roman alphabetical form “TwitCasting” (with the T and C capitalized,) and as written in Japanese using the katakana alphabet (ツイキャス).

Notes on usage/presentation

Please bear in mind the following:

  • When using our logo materials together with other images, please leave a blank margin around the logo material image. The blank margin should comprise of 200% of the square dimensions of the logo material image.
  • Please only use the logo materials and the term “TwitCasting” to represent the TwitCasting service.
  • Specific consent is required for commercial use enterprises. Please contact Support.

Please refrain from the following:

  • Altering our images in part or by whole (for example, by changing the colors, removing sections, flipping, etc).
  • Creating similar-looking images
  • Using our materials in such a way as to give the mistaken impression that you are sponsored by TwitCasting or that you are verified by TwitCasting
  • Using our materials in a manner that violates TwitCasting’s terms of service and/or public morals, or in any other way that would constitute an illegal act
  • Using our materials as your TwitCasting account’s icon or as your Twitter, Facebook, etc icon
  • Using an out-of-date version of our materials (logo or mark) to represent TwitCasting, or using an unrelated logo or mark to represent TwitCasting
  • Using, for your website, application, or product name, or as your domain or user name, the term “TwitCasting” or “ツイキャス” (TwitCasting as written in the katakana alphabet) or similar variants of the same, or translations of the same.

About Trademarks

The trademarks below are property of moi Corporation and are representative of the reputation of the company. As such, they are valuable assets to moi Corporation.
We have registered these trademarks for the comfort and security of our TwitCasting users, and as such they may be freely used by our service users and broadcasters. However, the use of these trademarked terms in ways that would violate the rights of TwitCasting or moi Corporation, or in ways that would violate the guidelines, may be subject to trademark infringement claims.

Name Trademark Registration Number
TwitCasting (as written in Japanese:ツイキャス) 5817499
TwitCasting 5817498
Casting-Master (as written in Japanese:キャス主) 5817500
Collabo-Casting (as written in Japanese:コラボキャス) 5697978


In what situations can I use the trademarked term “TwitCasting”, and the Japanese trademarked terms like キャス主 (Cast-Master)?
You may use these terms freely in common usage situations to refer to the services. However for advertising or commercial use, specific consent is required, so please contact Support.
I want to make products for my own personal use. Can I use the logo materials?
You may use our logo materials freely for purposes that abide by our guidelines.
I’d like to hold an event with other TwitCasting users. Is there anything I should be cautious about?
Please take caution not to present your event in such a way that it may mistakenly appear to be an official TwitCasting event. That aside, you may use the logo materials and/or the use of the term TwitCasting in accordance with our guidelines. For business sponsored or joint sponsored events, specific consent is required, so please contact Support.

Points of Caution

  • By making use of our logo materials and/or the use of the term “TwitCasting”, users agree to abide by each of our guidelines and by TwitCasting’s terms of service.
  • Based on independent judgement, moi Corporation reserves the right to amend, append or erase the content of these guidelines and the permissions pertaining to them, at any time.(Even when previous usage has been permitted in accordance with these guidelines, future usage may not be permitted.)
  • moi Corporation forbids the use of our logo materials and/or the use of the term “TwitCasting” in any context deemed unsavory by the company.
  • The use of our logo materials or our designs (for example, the hypothetical manufacture and sale of a plush toy product using the TwitCasting bird character), whether for personal or business use, falls outside of the scope of our guidelines and as such is not permitted by the company.
  • If you have any further questions please contact Support.

Copyright notes regarding our official mascots, Cast-kun and Twit-kun

The images of our official mascots “Cast-kun” and “Twit-kun” are used on this website with the permission of our official mascot creator, Asako Hashi. The copyright remains the property of the character creator Asako Hashi whether in the presence or absence of the © symbol or clear specification as to copyright.

Asako Hashi’s Websiteト blank window

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