Moi corporation will hold a free stream of “BUNRAKU-beyond Ningyo Joruri x Hatsune Miku: Koi Musume Tsumugi no Labyrinth” at 9:00 PM(JST) on Wednesday, January 20th, 2021, on the live streaming platform, TwitCasting.

The event “Koi Musume Tsumugi no Labyrinth”, a collaboration between Bunraku puppets and Hatsune Miku, was held on October 25th, 2020, on a special stage at the Tomioka Silk Mill, a World Heritage Site. The official video of the event will be streamed on TwitCasting for free.
The stage is a unique fusion of the virtual singer Hatsune Miku, Ningyo Joruri(Japanese traditional puppet theater), and classical music.


Gunma Prefecture Strategic Art and Culture Creation Project: World Heritage Theatre vol. 40 – Tomioka Silk Mill
BUNRAKU-beyond Ningyo Joruri x Hatsune Miku “Koi Musume Tsumugi no Labyrinth
~Hand-rolled and entwined threads. A love-hate musical strings the Edo to the Meiji eras~

Hatsune Miku, Mikunano, Tamasuke Yoshida, Monkichi Kiritake, Tamahiko Yoshida, Kiyonosuke Toyomatsu, and Gunma Symphony Orchestra Ensemble

Wednesday, January 20, 2021, 9:00 PM – 10:20 PM(JST)*The archived video with comments and gifts will be available until 11:59 PM(JST), January 19, 2022.

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